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Bearing Lubricants

Protect your bearings and work!  Dust from solid surface is very hard on router bit bearings! For that reason, it is very important to set up a daily maintenance procedure for the care of the bearings.  It is NOT recommended that pneumatic oils, solvating oils like WD-40® or other low performing oils be used on bearings.  Solvating oils will break down the grease pack in the bearings.  Rather to extended the life of you bearings, a high performance oil like Penetro 90® is recommended.  Each time the router is used, spin the bearing with your finger prior to turning it on.  If the bearing spins freely, proceed with routing.  If it is hesitant or frozen, unplug your router and work the bearing free with Penetro 90® until it again spins freely.  Penetro 90® seals the pours in the metal coating and protecting the bearings.  It is great a preventing moisture and rust.

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